Steve Dickinson

Steve Dickinson – Trainer, coach and speaker My clients are having breakthroughs in their life that are almost ‘incredible’. I am still surprised that a conversation about how the principles can be applied to a specific issue can have such a profound...

David Anderson

David Anderson – Coach and trainer “Hearing them share opened up for me to go deeper in my own understanding, have a richer experience of life and as a result being able to serve my clients better.”

Kathleen Morison

Kathleen Morison – Therapist “Words can’t do it justice, I feel so full of grace and so expansive and I learn’t so much in a ‘nonlearning’ way! I used to feel my life was a waste of space, that has utterly changed to the simplicity, ease and depth of...

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Du kommer att få mejl när jag kommer med ny information om vanor.